Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic/Orthopedic Treatment (SFOT) Course 

This interactive four-part series is designed for the entire interdisciplinary team. For the most productive learning experience, all members are encouraged to participate together.


Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy (IDT) Team Series Focusing On Airway, Restorative and Esthetics

This course includes the use of corticotomies and skeletal borne expansion techniques to address structural deficiencies in the upper airway as well as airway driven maxillo-mandibular advancement surgery planning.

This course is founded on the concept of medically indicated orthopedic, orthodontic and restorative interventions focused on addressing airway dysfunction/disorders with an integrated, interdisciplinary philosophy.

These goals and objectives harmonize with the concept of recognizing and optimizing facial and dental esthetics in establishing the most favorable form and function in stomatognathic health and facial balance. These stated goals of achieving airway health and facial esthetics are two sides of the same coin. It is not an either/or but rather, AND.

This interactive three session course is designed for the entire interdisciplinary team. For the most productive learning experience, all members are encouraged to participate together.

Detailed surgical, orthodontic, and restorative perspectives will be presented from an airway-focus to challenge the team to move beyond traditional multidisciplinary therapies into a new frontier for enhanced overall outcomes.

Patients that demand more ideal facial esthetics, overall health, and stomatognathic function need an interdisciplinary team that utilizes SFOT to alter the alveoloskeletal relationships so that the teeth and their roots can be optimally positioned within the face as well as understanding the indications for transverse skeletal expansion. Simultaneously, spaces frequently need to be opened to maximize facial esthetics and airway volume/constrictions. The team members must have common philosophies and protocols for the optimal appropriation of those spaces to empower the restorative dentist to conservatively create natural dental and facial beauty while structurally maintaining the results.


Our Vision

is to establish a standard for interventions that are science-based solutions and strategies addressing airway dysfunction in its various forms as well as optimize facial esthetics with an interdisciplinary approach that includes structural, functional and behavioral risk factors.

Our Mission

is to present a comprehensive airway-focused, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a didactic and hands-on curriculum that will allow the participant to competently recognize the various structural deficits as well as an understanding on how to treatment plan the 4 fundamental components individually or in combination as is appropriate while understanding the etiology and its mitigation to provide for predictable, long-term stability. Our mission also includes breaking down the siloed approach to executing complex treatment planning while stimulating efficient team work flow and communication.

Course Objectives

  • Learn details of the corticotomy surgery including flap design, grafting materials & technique, indication and use of anchorage devices.
  • Indication and how to do cortical micro-perforations to accelerate tooth movement after corticotomies
  • Learn proper airway driven MMA treatment planning and sequencing addressing structural, functional and behavioral risk factors for long-term stability and predictability and providing the best opportunity for CPAP intolerance and patient reported life-changing improvement in QOL.
  • Principles in clear aligner clincheck design with actual clinical cases.
  • Understand how to address restorative treatment planning post SFOT including philosophies on space appropriation post orthopedic remodeling and arch development
  • Efficient techniques in bonding clear aligner attachments including bonding to metal, zirconium and ceramic materials.
  • Principles in skeletal expansion (MSE) including indications, design, considerations and techniques.
  • Recognition of airway-related craniofacial dysfunction
  • Understanding the specific craniofacial structural deficits requiring intervention
  • Understanding the medically indicated interventions resulting in higher case acceptance and resulting in better patient access to care by the third-party payer.


  • Session I covers SFOT Principles and didactics
  • Session II/Day 1 is focus on the surgeries (corticotomies/MMA)
  • Session II/Day 2 is focused on clear aligner therapy with and without plates/TADs/elastics and MSE (micro screw skeletal expansion) to remodel the nasomaxillary complex
  • Session II/Day 3 is focused on restorative considerations and treatment planning including treatment sequencing, space appropriation and determining the global fee
  • Session III puts it all together for the team reviewing advanced treatment planning, case presentations for case acceptance, medical insurance billing, office workflow and interdisciplinary communication.

Session II - Virtual "Hands-on" course elements for corticotomies (materials will be sent to participants) and for Invisalign clin-check.


Course I (Online) - September 11-12

$2,450.00 USD
Course II (Online) - October 9-11

$2,450.00 USD
Course III (Online "Hands-on") - October 23-24

$2,950.00 USD
Course II and III Combo

$4,500.00 USD
Series Package: Courses 1, 2, and 3

$6,950.00 USD
Staff Member for Course III

$350.00 USD

Richard Roblee D.D.S. M.S. Orthodontist

Dr. Roblee practiced general restorative dentistry in Dallas, Texas before going back to study graduate orthodontics at Baylor College of Dentistry. He is recognized worldwide for his work in esthetic dentistry, orthodontic techniques and interdisciplinary therapy. Dr. Roblee is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Michael Curry D.D.S. Periodontist

Dr. Michael Curry received his certificate of Advanced Surgical Periodontics at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital - UCLA. He is very active in organized dentistry and currently serves as the Arkansas State Liaison for the American Academy of Periodontology. He is also the past president of multiple local and regional dental organizations.