Practicing Airway Focused Dentistry- Course Summary

Real-World Implementation & Protocols for Predictable Outcomes: Moving Toward a Cure

Learn How to:

  • Compile a standardized airway report for patient case presentation, team communication and tracking progress with treatment, & document long-term outcomes
  • Build a successful team for integrated workflow that optimizes case acceptance and increases the bandwidth of the clinician via staff support
  • Establish efficient workflow & interdisciplinary treatment coordination with step by step instruction
  • Set up optimal financial arrangements that makes sense for the clinician & patient.
  • Weigh various surgical & non-surgical approaches to establish optimal breathing and sleep with a fully informed patient that fosters trust & referrals
  • Determine appropriate and relevant photographic, radiographic and medical metrics to accurately phenotype the patient’s airway risk factors in a detailed, step by step process
  • Properly triage and coordinate interventions addressing the TMJs, oral volume and nasal function (structure, function and behavior) with a focus on the medical indications for treatment while recognizing current dental orthodoxy.
  • Set-up win:win independent contractor relationships with the purpose of enhancing case acceptance and treatment efficiency.


This course is specifically designed for the AMR alumni as well as the experienced non-AMR restorative clinician that also treats the pediatric population. It is a detailed step by step course to increase case acceptance, office efficiency and referral base irrespective of the various techniques employed. It will also address novel intervention protocols that address the frustration of a specialist centered healthcare system and puts the restorative dentist and/or pediatric focused clinician in the driver’s seat while enhancing specialist partnerships.

NOTE: Although the AMR addresses much of the material covered in this course it is unable to discuss all the necessary, real-time details to facilitate “in the trenches” point of care due to the breadth of material covered during the mini-residency. This course was designed to give step by step workflow details and increase airway focused case acceptance and referrals using many interdisciplinary cases as well as pediatric treatment. There will be actual case presentation discussions and solutions offered that address many of the challenges and frustrations faced by the airway focused clinician. Significant enhancements to the restorative practitioner will be an area of focus.


Next Course:  April 23-24

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