The AMR Advanced Program knows the value of meaningful  member engagement and staying connected. We believe that a private, AMR branded collaboration site, gives our members the ability to connect with each other, share valuable content, and keep the conversation going after face-to-face meetings and events.


Your membership with AMR Advanced gives you full access to the myairwaycommunity site. Through this site, we encourage you to engage with Faculty and Directors, share best practices, access content resources, share industry concerns, highlight innovations, request feedback, and have your voice heard in the airway management community. The platform features a consistent social experience with capabilities such as:

  • Public and Private Communities
  • Profiles for all AMR Advanced Members
  • Multi-Media Content Sharing
  • Polling and Surveys
  • Member Interactions
  • An Interactive Resource Center 


Annual AMR Advanced Platform Membership

$4,320.00 USD
Quarterly AMR Advanced Platform Membership

$1,200.00 USD

Case Reviews


Case Reviews are an AMR Advanced Membership Service and are now being offered to Non-Members for a per case fee.  Once you register your case, you will be directed to the platform to Post your questions and upload the PowerPoint or keynote file with the patient records.  Give members some time to review your case information and submit comments.  The case submission will have a 30-day window for discussion before expiring.

Case Review Registration


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