The Airway Mini-Residency Online Course

Tuition includes the pre-recorded lectures and all the other benefits of the live course.  

In order to participate on our online learning platform - Airway Advanced - you must complete this entire course so that you will be speaking "the same language" as our members.

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Brought to you by the Airway and Facial Development Collaborative. The information in this course is the underpinning of all your airway learning.


​Drs. Mark Cruz and Barry Raphael have been teaching the Airway Mini-residency in the US for 6 years.  In an effort to make this information available worldwide, they are offering a compressed version of their four-weekend course in four and a half days.  While being there live, where you can interact with the lecturers, students and hands-on content, is always the best way to learn, this can be a first step for you. This is for practitioners who can't make it to the live class but need to get started with the material now. 
The full tuition includes:
  1. The full recorded version of the AMR 2.0 (Over 30 hours worth of material)
  2. Three months on the Airway Advanced learning and collaboration platform including videos, literature repositories, technique tutorials, online discussions, and more
  3. Most importantly, group case reviews so that we can analyze and discuss your case portfolios together.  
  4. 50% discount as an AMR Alumni to a future live AMR 2.0 plus another 3 months of Airway Advanced membership.
  5. 20-30% discounts for courses at the Raphael Center for Integrative Education. 

There will be a wide range of topics regarding airway thinking and practice, including:
  1. The rationale for addressing the medical indications in airway cases.
  2. Screening, assessment and the medical metrics used for treatment planning and outcomes assessment  Students will learn to put together an case portfolio used for interdisciplinary teamwork
  3. Familiarity of the wide range of interventions including an algorithm for children and for adults.
  4. Additional guest lectures live or online include:
    1. Myobrace
    2. Myofunctional Therapy
    3. Bodywork including PT and craniosacral modalities
    4. Sleep Medicine
    5. Surgically-facilitated orthodontics
    6. Orthopedic remodeling techniques
    7. and more
  5. Practical protocol for inserting these services into your practice and training your staff.

36 AGD credits available right now!

Save THOUSANDS of dollars and get access to a proven airway curriculum that leads to a measurable wellness approach to dental health and development versus disease management of the various associated signs and symptoms.

Learn From The World’s Best Who Are Revolutionizing The Traditional Dentistry Approach

Drs. Mark Cruz and Barry Raphael: "We’ve compressed our live four-weekend course into 30 hours of groundbreaking materials that you can access on your own time, with the freedom to learn at your own pace, and some of the best resources from experts across the country.”


So what are you waiting for? Come join us and change dentistry for the better!


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Tuition is $3,499 USD., payable through PayPal or credit card online at the time of registration.


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